Thursday, September 11, 2008

So, Mom, what's for dinner......

I have to admit to owing a big thank you to Anna Banana over at "Mom, What's for Dinner". Tonight I made my boys dinner. I read her blog every time there's a new post, and she's had this part on the blog about how lucky we are to be able to cook for our families and I always thought it kind of meant how good it is to have enough and the means to have food, and the time and the presence to make dinner mindfully and intentionally.

So, the boys and I went to a "Phantom of the Opera" matinee--well, all except the middle one who just can't miss school and really doesn't like musicals too much, unless they're really good. He would have liked the pyrotechnics and the cool stage craft here, but still, we got home tired and ready to just stay put. So I made what my boys call "Egg Pie". I'm sure it's a strata or fritatta or some nonsense like that, but it's eggs, and I fried up bacon and put in some cheese and made a good buttery pie crust and fried up the leftover baked potatoes, and we ate a little feast.

Don't think I would have done it without A.B. and her inspiration. Might have just gone over to Wendy's for the dollar meal bonanza. Or had BLTs. So, it's good. I'm glad I did.

But I have to admit that in the process I created a huge mess. Huge! And for a DRE, two days before the kick off of a new year in RE, well, let's just say it's not such a good plan.

So, I cleaned and the boys swept and then I mopped up the flour and detritus. And then I hole punched another thousand pages or so of curriculm (legally printed with permisssion) and answered two thousand emails and set out a days worth of mopping and printing and meeting notes and classroom set up to be taken into work tomorrow. And I wrote the Children and Youth bulletin. And practiced my song for Sunday. And talked to my husband in Rome who was not happy at all with his travel plans.

But the most important thing I did today, by far, was to make that pie crust and bake those eggs, and chop those onions and wash those grapes. After four nights away at church meetings I got to answer "Mom, What's for Dinner" with something I made, in love and gratitide, for my kids.

Thanks, Anna Banana!


Anna Banana said...

And now you're inspiring me! It does feel good to make food for loved ones. You're on my blog list, too. Good luck on Sunday!

Kari said...

Thanks, and Thanks again!!