Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nanowrimo?? Well....almost.

So sometimes when you start writing, things take a turn. Sometimes a U turn, sometimes a little curvy turn. And sometimes a genre turn.

My novel is turning into a memoir.

It's kind of a story about raising kids. I don't always know what it means to raise kids and I almost never really know what I'm doing, but it seems that this is what is in my finger tips this November, so there it is. This is what comes out.

I feel just awful that it's November again and I still haven't finished last year's novel. But oh well. It's that practice of imperfection again. And really, I think I will.


So, guess I'm writing a Namewrimo. National Memoir Writing Month??! OK. I can handle it. I am used to doing things a little differently. It's all good.

I hope everyone who has an actual novel is doing really well and that you have a plot and some rockin' characters and some good twists and turns coming up. Me? I'm just writing what has already happened. What could be easier than that!?

Whatever is getting written, it's really all good. Happy Na....whatever.

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