Saturday, November 8, 2008

Writing a Book, of course

I have a friend who I know in one of those quadruple ways that sometimes comes along. I knew his wife from a parenting group I led when we first arrived in the Seattle area, then I met him at a Renaissance Module for UU Religious Educators; he's a UU Youth Coordinator here in the Seattle area.

Then he showed up at our little local homeschool school with his kids! My youth group went to the con he planned. My son babysits his kids. It's just all over the place, and he is also a facebook friend. Especially during busy writing times, I natter at facebook a lot.

When you change your status message on facebook all your friends see it. I try not to record my every move (Kari is eating breakfast, Kari is working hard, Kari is a facebook geek.....) but I change it more than necessary. Like anything is "necessary" on facebook!

Anyway, during this wild NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, I refer to NaNo in facebook status a lot. The other day at school my friend said "what is this nano thing you're doing?" with a kind face but you could tell he wondered if I was just a little you know... off. Maybe.

I was sitting at a table in our family room with my writing buddy--we write together every Thursday morning, all year and during nano last year we wrote together any chance we could get. This year we got smart....we're going away for a two day write-a-thon mid month. She answered him "NaNoWriMo--National Novel Writing Month, we're both writing a novel in November."

He looked a little relieved. We weren't totally losing it. "OH, so you're trying to write a novel?"

"Oh no, we will write a novel, we both will." she said. Oh yeah.

It reminds me of what the midwife told me when I was pregnant with my first born. She said not to say I'd try to breastfeed. That sets the expectataion that you might not make it. She told me to just say "yes, I'm going to breastfeed."

Works for lots of heroic commitments, I guess!

Happy writing!

(Kari's NaNo word count....12,188--and counting)

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