Saturday, November 1, 2008

Scenes from LREDA Fall Con 2008

This was really the best part of the whole conference. OK, the theology from Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker was life changing, and the sessions were solid and full. Seeing my good friend Halcyon and getting to room together was the best part!
Did you know the leaves change in New Mexico, too? I didn't! This was down by the Rio Grande River.

The courtyard at the Hotel Albuquerque was lovely, and offered fast respite in moments of complete overload.

The light fixtures looked to me like big chalices!

The local mission church in Old Town Albuquerque.

Day of the Dead, or Dia des los Muertes decorations were everywhere.
You can see the buskers in the shadows. Eventually there were two local guitar players and one local tourist with a wicked harmonica. A treat!

The Rio Grande River----it's really shallow here, and very murky.

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