Saturday, January 23, 2010

Peter Morales at Westside UU Congregation!

We are such a lucky little church. Or well, a lucky midsized church. The president of the UUA made time in his schedule to visit with us. I know he's here to preach at University Unitarian and I know his son lives in town, but hour and a half with us. That was fabulous.

We got to hear some about his vision and hope for Unitarian Universalists. And he told us a little about how his congregation in Golden had intentionally grown after being stuck at 400 for years.

I wanted to say "wait, you should just ask these folks here what to do to grow a small urban congregation that rents space! We grew from 100-150 in five years! From 23 kids to 80 in five years! Here are your experts in keeping the heart while growing! Here's the people who went from a building fund of 17k to about to move in to a new home in three months!"

But I kept quiet about all of that. The congregation I serve is full of wonderful people who really know how to do church well. But there is always something to be learned from someone who's been through it.

I am wildly proud of my congregation. It's such good work, this crazy job I have. And I am so grateful to serve these people. With Peter's vision and our commitment to a fierce and abiding love that does not back down, I think some amazing things are about to happen.


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