Monday, May 11, 2009

Elbow Parts

It's my birthday tomorrow. And my family is crazy.

But they're my family and I love them and they are l o v e l y.

And not at all in a healthy mental state of being! They're fighting over who can grab each other's elbows. And they're holding each other in these Tae Kwon Do holds that can break each other's arms. And during quiet family times they'll yell out "penis!" and then another one will yell the same thing. It's called the "penis game".

I really need to get a FEMALE dog in the house right now. Now. Like right now! Female, girl dog.

And did you know that the floppy part of your elbow is called a wenis? It's not really, but if you lived in my house you would have long and impassioned conversations about it. Yes you would.

Oh it's a wild ride. And nope, I would not trade it for one second of normalcy. Not one.

But I am getting a girl dog.....wonder if the Humane Society is open at 11 pm?

Happy Birthday to me. And thank you for these boys. Amen, again.


boston unitarian said...

I wish you a very happy birthday and many blessings. BU

flyraeven said...


I remember playing the penis game in youth appropriate, right? And actually, I got into a debate about the whole wenis thing a while back...

Have a marvelous day! I do love reading your blog here, it is such a joy.

Kari said...

Thanks, to both of you.

Sam said...

Happy Birthday.....Many Blessing!! Thanks so much for sharing.