Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Noodles Update

I had a great meeting with colleagues today, lovely lunch, good conversation. A group pinky swear that we will ALL WORK ONLY THE HOURS WE ARE PAID TO WORK!

And then I had to rush home and see little Noodles. She spent a little time in the kennel while my husband ran to the grocery store, but look what else he got! New chewies! So Noodles doesn't need to chew on checkers pieces.....or retainers.... any more! Oh well, we're much more dog proofed now. She likes to sit on her princess throne in the sun and chew on a chewie. Who wouldn't? Do they make them in vegetarian pig skin? I might just try it.
And someone has noodled her way right into my dear husband's heart. Look at all the work you can get done with a fur ball of love on your lap.

See? It's easy! Just snuggle until she goes to sleep with her chin on the table and there you go! The perfect work environment!
And really, this is what Noodles the dog thinks would be the best solution for that darn kennel.

I love having a little wiggly fur ball in the house! Just love it. Everyone should go get a little dog, just remember to lock up all the retainers in the house! Yep. Love it.


Cindy said...

You know CS, now that you've made the pinky swear public, even just the one teeny little sentence, people are going to hold you to it, right?

I'd suggest that my Chapter make such a commitment but I don't think that pinky swearing would hold enough gravitas. We're big on gravitas out here you know.

Perhaps we could orchestrate a pinky swear ceremony to only work our hours as a nice liturgical dance for opening worship at Fall.

PS Noodles is Just Too Cute For Words!!!

Kari said...

So, was that breaking covenant to tell about the Pinky Swear in public? uh-oh. (((begging forgiveness and giggling a little because we really were cute all hooked together by our pinkies!)))

You know, I've already heard from District staff in another part of the country someplace between you and me that we should do this at fall con next year.....and then there was talk about the Violent Femmes from elsewhere so who knows? Liturgical dance and covenantal pinkies? Why not. It's been a day and a half I tell ya!

ms. kitty said...

She is so darling, Kari! No wonder your whole family is crazy about Noodles! And she's doubtless crazy about you all.