Thursday, May 14, 2009

Twice Twenty-One

I was in the fast line at the grocery store yesterday. My basket had three kinds of acne medication (I really do live with teenagers) and a bottle of wine. The cashier scanned the bottle of wine and looked up at me. He and I had been chatting, rain, mid week. bla bla bla. But he had to look to see if I was old enough to buy the wine. Now I don't really get carded any longer, and when I do it's usually a function of 'have to' or really young people who have no idea what the difference is between 30 and 40 an 50.

"Hey!" I said, "You had to look at me to see if I was old enough to buy wine!"


"I'm 42, that's two times old enough! You made my day, you totally made my day."

He shrugged, handed me my reciept and said "you look good."

Poor deluded man. But, I'm still smiling.

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