Saturday, May 23, 2009

Marking the time and the Batmobile

I'm trying to find a way to fit all the "shoulds" and "wants" and "needs" into this one wild life I've been given.

Holy busy-days Batman.

I have three children. And while they are teens and a tween, they still need a mom. Kind of a lot, really kind of more than I had expected before I got here. Love it, really I do love the prickly tricky parenting in this stage, but there's no pass on mom time. For sure.

I have a dear husband whom I like, and like to spend time with. And he travels an awful lot now. So when he's here I want to drop everything and see him and when he's gone I'm the adult carrying the whole parent bag. Tricky transitions Batman.

I have a little dog. Oh, that! Yes it's like having a little child but psssssht. I love that! Next.

I have a job that is like a little glass of water. Have you ever accidentally spilled a small glass of water on the kitchen table? Isn't it amazing how that little bit of water SPREADS out so far and wide? Being a Religious Educator is like that. It could fit in a tidy small jelly jar, but if it spills out---whhhoooo boy, holy take-over-your-life Batman!

I'm getting older. I'm getting older and older and older--it happens EVERY DAY! How about that? But here's the best part: with the turkey neck and the permo wrinkles comes some

w i s d o m.

Just a little. But I'm liking that part. Holy sage-ing Batman.

Here is how I'm coming to mark the time. To find the spaces, the breathing room:

**Friday night is homemeade pizza night. Just is, bring a friend. Try hot dog pizza, have some fun.

**Sunday night is "out to dinner" night.

**After office hours on Friday I have a rule: NO MORE WORK UNTIL SUNDAY MORNING! No running around for craft supplies on Saturday. No writing the song that would just be perfect on Saturday afternoon. No learning guitar parts--if it's not learned by Thursday evening it's gonna be a Capella. Take a day off. Off. Off!

**I go for a walk every morning. Get up early. Go. yes.

**And I write. Everyday. Just write. Yep.

When we come to expect these spaces, the rest of it all just breathes a little easier. It is all good, all fine. All love and life. Holy gratitude Batman. And the BATMOBILE!

Happy Holiday Weekend!


ms. kitty said...

I just love your posts, Kari. You always make me smile!

uuMomma said...

Oh, I so needed this post today. Three girls (two teens and an almost tween). I wish I'd read your beach post before the long weekend was over, as that was the kind of fun we needed to make happen this weekend.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you