Saturday, May 16, 2009

Three Good Things


The youngest son's play was a smashing success last night. The middle schoolers chose the play, cast the play, did costumes and sets and worked like crazy. And last night they shimmered in the spot lights! People guffawed! People clapped not out of politeness but because it was really good! And our child? Yep, the bumbling Prince Charmeless, thief.


Middle Son won Tae Kwon Do tournament number three--in a row. He has been worried that the people he's been training with are bigger and have longer reach than he does. But speed and sheer force of determined will won out. He's limping around today from some tough hits, but he has a nice big trophy and bragging rights for a while longer.


We get to go meet this little dog today to see if she'll be a good fit with our family. Oh please oh please oh please oh please. Her name? Noodles. Oh, please!

Three Good Things

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