Monday, May 25, 2009

These moments

A part of my plan to find the spaces for breathing in life is to plan fun. Fun fun fun. Like "you children, we're gonna go to the beach and we're going to have fun, darn it!"

We had planned to load up our kayaks and head to the local lake with sandwiches and chips this afternoon. But then I saw this picture in my favorite city blog. Octopus, on the beach! Tide so low, all the little critters are out to visit! So that, added to the holes in our kayaks that are supposed to be there to allow drainage, but also would let in cold May lake water, did it. We decided to head to the sound. But we had to hurry, it was almost low tide.

Puget Sound has great tides, they go way up and way down, the further into the sound you get the more extreme they are. So we decided to head south a bit to one of our favorite spots. We called some friends to see if they wanted to make a last minute run to the beach, grabbed every bag of half eaten pretzels and left over matzos and one loaf of bread with one jar of peanut butter and headed out.

I'm so glad we did. We saw sea stars,

and little crabs,

and big crabs

and our little Miss Noodles got to explore. Man, did she need a bath. Stiiiiiiinky!

"Noodles! Don't eat the sea star!"

It was a beautiful day, with great friends, a sweet little dog and even though not everyone expected it to was--fun.

Just breathe.

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