Thursday, September 17, 2009

Attention and it's deficit

I've joked with other Religious Educators about how to do this job and enjoy it, you have to have a nice sturdy case of ADD. That's me for sure, so come with me and follow the bouncing brain....

A voice from my childhood is gone! Mary from Peter, Paul and Mary died yesterday. Puff the Magic Dragon! I'm Leavin' on a Jet Plane (although I swear I thought it was I'm Leavin' I'M a Jet Plane) and Blowin' in the Wind! Oh, I remember being a little girl and riding around in the back seat of my mom's station wagon, hearing those songs. This was before the days of "always using seat belts" but my mom and I would practice. If she was going to crash, she'd yell "hit the deck" and I'd throw myself to the floor of the car, safe from flying out the windows. I remember practicing. "HIT THE DECK!" And I remember sliding around in the back seat when she'd go the "wervy way" to get downtown. Peter, Paul and Mary are the soundtrack to that movie of my childhood.

I found this picture of my oldest son Michael on the UUA website. He's calling the question on Peacemaking. Wow. Read more about what is happening as this picture was taken in the current issue of UU World.

This one: how is is possible that I just learned that Mary Pipher is a Unitarian Universalist. What? The author of Reviving Ophelia? I have read the book and been assigned the book in Psych classes and Women's Studies classes. It's a must read for all parents and people who work with teens, really. But I had no idea she was of my faith. Then, also in the current issue of UU World, there is this great article, and excerpt from her new book "Seeking Peace: Chronicles of the Worst Buddhist in the World". It's a fantastic piece, and I will buy the book. Don't know how I missed this, my Psychologist friend on the Religious Education Council knew she was UU. I read my UU World every month, but I've missed this! I'm glad to know it now.

Finally; my husband is going to Korea on Sunday. He's a Korean Adoptee, this is not just a pleasure trip. It's his last chance to go on his "fly free" benefit, but he's also going for a very specific reason. This is his story to tell, of course. But I'm already shuddering every time I think about it. Uhhhh! This is so much bigger than when the guys all went to Japan! I wish I could go with him, but how do you launch a church year and responsibly parent teen aged boys and up and hop across the ocean for a few days? Nope, one parent has to stay home and the Religious Educator cannot just step out. Too bad, so sad. I have to figure out how to really use skype. Or just wait til he comes home, maybe that's a better idea.

The brain bounces on.....walk the dog in the woods so we can smell the forest smells, get the youngest to school, do work work work, drive into the office, meet with teachers, mop the floor (what janitors?), make dinner, clean up dinner, do the laundry, do the dishes. This is a full life. And it really is good.

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curlykidz said...

I'm a big fan of ADD blogging... most of mine falls under that classification :)