Thursday, September 10, 2009

Defying Gravity

**pant pant pant**

I feel like my little dog Noodles on a run......."hey! my little legs can't keep up here!"

Oh, there is so much to do! SO much to do! If you attend a church, please go up to the people who work there this Sunday and say "wow, you look great for not sleeping for the last three weeks!"

I always think of course it will never all come together! No way. Impossible. What? I'm sorry, the children are going to have to sit quietly with their hands folded in their laps because we're not really ready to launch classes this Sunday! Too bad so sad.

It always does come together in the end. We figure it all out. And it is good.

And just because I work for the best congregation on the planet, no one complained at all when I got a chance to practiacally STEAL a pair of tickets to Wicked and missed a board meeting.

WICKED. It was wicked-good!

Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday. I'll just keep chanting it. And keep holding those images of our children and youth in my heart. It's all good. We do this work so that children can know that they are good and whole just as they are, right this minute. And we do this work so that when bad things happen, and bad things always do happen, our children have tools to help them cope. And we do this work so that our children become spiritually grounded people who have a deep sense of peace and love; no not when they grow up, but RIGHT NOW and for all their lives long.

We do this work because it is good. And you know, good work is often hard work. Yes it is! Yes it is.

And hey, you look really good for not sleeping for the past three weeks!


ms. kitty said...

I know exactly what you mean, from a different place in the pews! I feel like it's nonstop all during August and through September till it really starts to rain in October. I have three potlucks in two days this weekend, am hosting a circle dinner next weekend, have to miss one thing in order to do another, that sort of thing you've already mentioned. And I have to orchestrate the water ceremony Sunday plus write and deliver a sermon! Arrrrgggghhhh!

And, actually, we each have the best congregation on the planet.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, sounds like a lot of work, but so worthwhile!