Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Deep Peace

I have set aside one hour to do housework this afternoon. The house is an absolute disaster, I mean really, who has time to CLEAN when there's all this important work to be done to make church happen "voila" like it's easy as pie!? Not me!

But we searched for 20 minutes for an missing athletic bag this morning. It's so much easier to function in a tidy house, and this house looks like a hurricane hit it. Followed by twisters. And wind. And maybe a garbage truck exploded.

So, I'm going to go get out my mop bucket and my shovel, but first I just have to say:

My husband quit his job. His job that makes him travel all the time. We won't fly for free but he'll work four miles from home with a start time and an end time and vacations and WEEKENDS off! Praise be to a good government job. This is good news.

And my Aunt Kathy died, my dad's sister. I loved her. She was always very good to me. I really wish I'd gone to see her one more time. But my friend Jen said at least she died on the same day as Patrick Swayze, so she can dance all the way to heaven. That image makes me smile!

Last, I'm praying a wicked fierce prayer today for a friend who heard news, but it wasn't the good news she hoped for. It wasn't bad news, it's just "more tests" news. Time to bring on the prayer that holds a glowing white light all around the loved one, and it swirls in the energy of everything that passes by, swirls in the deep peace of all of creation. It heals and soothes and fills all. I have a couple of people that I'm holding in prayer, actually. It's big, this deep prayer thing. Kind of takes it out of you. But that's OK, I can't think of another thing that needs my energy more today, than people I care about. Not one thing.

The messy house can wait.


plaidshoes said...

Messy houses CAN wait! I hope your friend has good news, soon. I also am smiling about dancing with Swayze. Also, congrats to your husband!

Kari said...

I hope there is good news, too. Thanks for your good wishes. And you know, messes and dishes and laundry always wait very patiently! They never up and do themselves. :-)

dianak said...

Kari, I'm so sorry about your Aunt Kathy. :( Holding you (and your friend) in my heart, sending healing energy your way. (And maybe a few housecleaning fairies to take care of the mess while you attend to the important things...)