Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blustery Days

The wind must be affecting the passage of time here in blustery old October. Whooosh, it goes....flying right on by so fast I can hardly sink my teeth into a minute. Off it goes.

On Monday we all changed our names. The whole family. We went to court and stood and raised our right hands and poof.....all the guys have a new last name, and I just have a slightly different order to my string of names. For the little dog we're just going to do a "common law" change, but it's OK, she doesn't mind. The men all now have the 12th most common Korean surname. It means "leader" in Korean and "half" in Japanese. It's perfect for them. And I am so proud of them for doing this even though it is not easy to manage or easy to explain.

Yesterday we celebrated the middlest son's birthday. He's actually turning 15 tomorrow, but he will be off at his first Youth Con, so we rescheduled. We also went for x-rays because the boy is walking like a 90 year-old-man and got pulled from his soccer game on Sunday because he was clearly in pain. No fractures, but bad shin splints and even a metatarsal splint! This is what a boy with big drive does when he's in three sports--too much! Happy Birthday! Poor kid.

And the ramp up to LREDA Fall Conference is in full swing. It is going to be such an exciting event this year, with Unitarian Universalist Association past president Bill Sinkford receiving the McLean award, and current UUA president Rev. Dr. Peter Morales attending for a while, and our fabulous presenters: Rev. Dr. Thandeka, Rev. Dr. Peter Steinke, and fabulous musician Kevin Tarsa--well and all the regular in house talent we have with our Religious Educator Colleagues, too. So much!

And we just go on....and on...

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curlykidz said...

Congratulations on your new names!