Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dick and Jane go to LREDA Fall

I love my job. I get to work with a great minister, and a wise congregation. I get to hold fresh babies and chat with surly 13-year-olds (oh, wait, that one is my son.....) but the biggest reason I love my job?


Yep, colleagues who write things like this fabulous blog:

If you are going to the Liberal Religious Educators Association's Fall Conference this is a great primer on what to expect, even if you've been to lots of them, it's still great information about the local culture. If you know someone who is going to LREDA Fall Con, send them to this blog. If you just like to read funny stuff, this is a great blog! My favorite post is about workshops.

"All of the workshops will be good, so if you don't get a seat in one, just move on to the next. It'll be G-d's way of telling you that you need to learn something else.
If you don't believe in an personal-interventional-type G-d, then it's probably just your fault for being late."

Love it!

And oh holy mother of all travel, I'd better at least start thinking about what to pack! LREDA board meets Wednesday at 9 sharp, and I have to fly all the live long day on Tuesday to get there!

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