Sunday, October 18, 2009


It was a really good day for our congregation. Here in Washington, we've been fighting some crazy legislation that has us voting to affirm a law that is already on the books in support of equal rights for families of all kinds.

It's making some of us a little frustrated with the system. But leave it to the great minister I work with to pull together a group to make something good happen.

We grabbed a corner just two blocks up from where our congregation meets, and we marched. Not just our little congregation, but a whole interfaith presence.

There were the United Methodists, three congregations from the United Church of Christ. Some folks from the local synagogue were down on the next corner near the farmer's market. I know more than 50 of us all together carried signs and marched. We had kids and elders and even a couple of dogs. What a great real life demonstration that we don't have to believe alike to love alike.

It was a good day.

(the pics include some of the different faith communities represented, a photo of the clergy from the congregations--yes, all female,the minister, our RE chair and me, and my youngest son!)

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Anonymous said...


Nice to see UUs working with other groups. That is encouraging.

Best wishes

Dudley Jones