Wednesday, October 21, 2009

LREDA Board Meets for 14 hours straight!

OK, OK! We didn't really meet for fourteen hours straight through! There were breaks. And we picked a restaurant for dinner that included a nice walk through downtown Providence. But we did start at 9AM and end at 11 PM. It was a great meeting though. How fabulous it is to work with people who can think deeply about what will serve a huge, diverse group of people. And still conspire to grab every "planter" in the place that just happens to look like a chalice for the opening worship on Friday? Great group of people.

We reshuffled some responsibilities to make things a little more streamlined. Looked over re visioning that was done three years ago to check in and see how we're moving forward. And we had all the reports today. That was an awful lot of information. Wow. But the really cool thing is that in represents a whole lot of work from a whole lot of folks. Dedicated, brilliant, giving folks. We are a lucky group of professionals. Beautiful people all.

And the hotel is gorgeous. There are little things, though, to tie in the hotel's history as a Masonic Temple. Given that my congregation meets in a Masonic Temple, its a little weird! Good, but weird!

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