Saturday, October 3, 2009


California.....well, maybe not dreaming. Panic driven last minute packing? Oh yeah. That's it.

I leave tomorrow for a girls' trip to San Fransisco. I'm in that place right now of trying to figure out just why I thought this was a good idea.....I mean, really. Here I am frantically trying to tie up all the loose ends for work, and home and family and little doggy day care. Why don't I just stay home? It's so much easier.

Wait, what? Stop the Beach Boys music. What?

I'll give you three reasons why we don't stay home:

1. Girlfriends are the very most important thing for survival in the world. More important than food and water and sleep because without girlfriends why would life even be WORTH living anyway?

2. When you need to be horrible and awful and still loved, only your girlfriends can make that happen. And they do it with chocolate and flowers and wine.

3. Life is a fleeting butterfly that moves on silently before we even know it was really there, so we have to take time for the things that matter. Yes, family and home matters and little dogs and their daycare matter. But we wife/moms matter, too. And the best way to know this is to go away, and to become more of who we really are, and then to come back. It's so much easier to remember who we really mean to be after a girls' trip.

I'm feeling a little sorry for myself, because my girlfriends are already a few days into the trip. But I'll finish up my responsibilities tomorrow, and I'll head to the airport and catch the last few days of the trip. And whatever good there is, I will catch up on it and soak it in like the sun and the moon and the wind.

California um... almost ready to dream?

Oh yeah.

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