Tuesday, October 20, 2009

LREDA Fall Con.....just getting here!

The chase to catch up was swift and crafty this week. Just as I thought I might finally have gotten nearly caught up, taa daaa, another something to-do popped up. But just like a good old fashioned “whack-a-mole” game, I handled all the pop-ups. We celebrated one birthday early and one birthday late and I was nice and early for my flight this morning. I’m used to flying “stand-by” so this whole holding a boarding pass and getting on when my zone was called was pretty amazing. I like knowing that I’m going to make the flight!

As I settled in for the long flight to Philadelphia, I chatted with my seat mate. Yes, she was connecting as well, headed for Florida. Why? For a master’s synchronized swim meet? No way! I swam synchro in high school! And then I coached for 10 years! Yes, I did! Funny, small, weird world! Who else would understand about putting steaming hot knox gelatin in your hair and what it means when the technical routine includes a front walkover and a heron? Weird small, itty bitty world.

The Philadelphia airport was lovely with fun live music and decent lo mein. My flight to from Philly was great, my good friend whisked me away from the airport and we spent a couple of hours catching up. After a little time in my room with my wonderful roomie, I'm ready to turn in. It feels kind of like today never actually happened, and still was packed full of tons of things. All good. All happy.

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