Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bloggin' Fun!

I had such a great time with Rev. Kit from Ms Kitty's Saloon and Roadshow at our blog workshop at the recent Area General Meeting. Our session was just packed with wise folks who had great questions and forgave us our very limited knowledge of technology. I think we all really enjoyed ourselves.

And.....we created a blog, right there on the spot! It's called Journey to the Center of the Blogosphere. Our hope is that everyone who attended the workshop and wishes to will participate in sharing on this blog and letting each other know how their own blogging is going. We can share new resources. (like the woman who had the resource for disability information.....I can't remember what the three number/letter combination was....) and support each other. We hope our area will soon have a vibrant, even larger blogging community! I have all the information to set folks up. I think I'll do that tomorrow....driving home in the dark last night, church this morning and a youth group meeting tonight are enough for now!

If anyone out there ever gets a chance to take on a project with Rev. Kit, don't hesitate for one second. I had the very best time working together!


ms. kitty said...

Kari, I think we work together really well! It was fun. I hope folks will chime in and let us know some of the information that was given by attendees. I can't remember the three-letter combo either about disabilities.

Hope you all had a safe trip home from Salem and are, even as we speak, contemplating your own blogs!

flyraeven said...

Just wanted to say it was great to meet you this weekend, (this is Amber,from the other workshop you led) and I look forward to reading your blog!

Dean Smith said...

I really enjoyed your workshop. The most important component was your obvious enthusiasm.