Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Faith, Family and Rock and Roll

We keep trying to watch movies together, our little family.

Now this family consists of a 17 year-old self defined super geek college student who is a national leader in his faith movement, can make a computer do anything and plays a wicked bass guitar.

A 14-year-old teen with good hair, amazing Tae Kwon Do ability, soccer ability and girl ability who is searching Craig's list constantly for a new guitar.

A 12-year-old who has not had a natural hair color for six months, can sing ANYTHING he hears, and has all the Harry Potter books completely memorized oh and he has the snarkiest sense of humor I've ever seen.

There's a grown man who has wrestled corporate america, stradled continents and is passionate about fast cars.

Then there's me, I love folk music and punk rock, faith and fantastic food and I miss my dog.

There is no movie on the planet we can all watch and enjoy! OK, maybe a few. The Ocean's movies, I mean come on, something for everyone. And there's well....um. There's got to be another movie. At least one?

We like the Daily Show. And the Colbert Report. We like to watch Man vs. Wild. And Mythbusters. Yeah. That's just about it.

OK, we liked Miracle on 34th Street. And we liked Rear Window.

Man, we are one messed up family! But the thing is that we keep trying. Tonight we watched a concert video of "The Decembrists" for about two minutes. Then we were off to channel surfing. We try. We want to sit in the same room and do things together.

And we all want to see "Slum Dog Millionaire".

Any movie ideas? Anyone?


Diana said...

Have I not gushed on enough about the Reduced Shakespeare Company's "Complete works of William Shakespeare"? I suppose it's possible that you won't like it, but I laughed so hard the first few times that I missed entire scenes. It has puns, audience participation and pretend barfing. Something for everyone, right? If you can't find it, I'm buying you guys a copy.

Kari said...

OK, full disclosure. I've gotten RSC from Netflix. My boys went through all of 45 seconds and that was all they would watch. It's a thing, I guess, I dunno!