Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where there is injury, pardon


Kristina said...

Sarah McLachlan is my girl - and this is one of my favorites. I hadn't seen the Utube video - thank you for sharing. Do you have Sarah's "B Sides and Rarities" album? It is a MUST HAVE!

Robin Edgar said...

If every injury, to say nothing of insult, was pardoned there would be no such thing as justice would there? I pardon all kinds of insults and injuries but some insults and injuries require something called accountability.

Kari said...

Robin, I completely agree that there must be accountability after injury. For me choosing to forgive allows me to set that injury free. Free from me, so it no longer damages me.

David G. Markham said...

Hi Kari:

My Kind Of Church Music! Thanks for posting.

All the best,

David Markham