Thursday, February 19, 2009

Driving before Dawn

To get to Salem and not spend more of my dear congregations ever shrinking budget I drove down early this morning. I wanted to get to the Salem church early because I had the NAME TAGS, and we all know that the earth would stop rotating and all hell would be unleashed if they didn't arrive intact and early. 

So I got up early, well...actually I just hardly slept at all. And I
 drove almost to the Washington/Oregon border in the dark. OK, not that far, but close. And when you're tired and don't want to drink too much coffee because you are the holy name tag holder and don't want to have to stop too often for the bathroom and you see this.....
...holy huge logs on a big huge truck batman. 

As soon as I got past Portland I stopped for a super huge grande latte. Geez. 

But there was other good stuff to see, come back later, I'll show you then. :-)

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