Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cardboard hurts

Have you ever had a paper cut? You know, slice, blood--hey, OUCH!

Today I got a cardboard cut. Actually two of them. Putting away the finances I've been working on for hours, or really if you want to know the truth, for days. Cardstock and then--slip and then a string of words that my children should not have heard.

It's been a long day. Or a long days. Really, it's all good. I mean, the kids had Coldstone for lunch, how bad can it be? And I am ready for a new dawning, a new revelation. A re-birth of the savior come to rescue me from this life of a sinner. Or at least I'm ready for driving across the state line for some rockin' fun!

So, I'm going to the Professional Days workshop for my job. Hey, really, there is no place I would rather be. And I mean it. Jesus can go have his fun, I'm going to Salem (ha! get it, Salem!) to meet with my friends and colleagues. And my dear friends and I are going to hear one of the women who wrote the OWL curriculum speak. And we're going for dinner together. And you know there will be stories and sighs and lots of that thing we all need desperately that is called support. And we'll maybe even go sit in the jacuzzi and eat brie and we'll be happy just to be together again.

Ahhh. And all cardboard will be banned from my hotel room, banned do you hear me?

Blessings to all who walk this earth and all who dream and to all who dream those wonderful dreams. Blessings!

And damnation to all cardboard.

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