Friday, February 20, 2009

Mea Culpa--the presidental candidates are not what I said they were....

I was wrong. I totally admit it. Yesterday, I said that the reason Peter Morales and Laurel Hallman didn't come and visit with the Religious Educators at our LREDA meeting was because they didn't want to. Yep, I was wrong. 

This morning I was having a power breakfast with the PNWD LREDA board, I was the outgoing treasurer and now I'm the gone treasurer! The minister I serve with, the wonderful Rev. Peg Morgan, was having breakfast with Peter Morales and couple of other ministers. Peg came over and told us in the most polite and lovely way that Peter thought that we may think that he and Laurel were not talking with us because of some reason in particular, but that Peter wanted us to know for sure that he was talking with the ministers because they had invited the candidates to come speak. The UUMN Board. And that he was happy to come and talk with us and hear our concerns and answer questions if we wanted him, too. 

Gosh, do I feel like an idiot. I hate when my human-ness shows. I did think that they were skipping us because they percieved us as unimportant! I was not really looking for the whole picture there, was I? Nope. 

I hate it when I get all passionate about injustice and instead it turns out that I'm just being a dolt! Thank God a big part of this religion is the whole forigive and go foward in love stuff. Yep, I need some of that today. I'm gonna stop by the candidates forum and see what they have to say. 

Sorry, Peter. Sorry, Laurel. Totally my fault. 

Now, it's off to find a way to make the blogging workshop have live internet because the "high speed" internet here is so much less than "high" at all!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kari,

You are no dolt, and it is easy to understand how you may have drawn those conclusions about the presidential candidates. Your graciousness and transparency in sharing this new information is really an inspiration to me. You are a gift to our movement.

Carmen McDowell

Kari said...

Thanks Carmen. Sometimes I act like a dolt! But I learned in Sunday School class when I was little that it's best to admit your mistakes and move those UU classes. :-)

I did get a chance to chat with Peter Morales and apologize in person. He was very kind. And they both DID come to LREDA Fall Con.

It was a wonderful AGM. I miss everyone already.