Saturday, February 14, 2009

Iron Chef's Secret Ingredient......LOVE!

We had a great Valentine's Day! It was just lovely. Early in the week we each signed up to make part of the meal. 
Everyone researched what they would make, and we created a big shopping list. And then we went shopping this morning for our ingredients. By the afternoon the kitchen was hoppin'! Mom was a little distracted by someone talkin' smack about one of her favorite bloggers, but that was OK. We handled it. Anonymous bloggers, bah. Mom made an olive salad side with Italian wedges. The olive salad will work well for muffeletas later in the week. 
The middlest made a bracciolitini; tenderized beef in bread crumbs rolled and baked. 
The youngest made an excellent garlic bread. Oh my, it was amazing. Sauteed garlic, paprika, oregano, cream cheese, butter. Mmmm. 
The eldest made a fettucini alfredo from scratch. Yes, scratch. With sauteed mushrooms. 
My dear husband made homemade eclairs. He's amazing. 
Everything was well timed, carefully plated and served steaming hot. The pasta was aldente, the beef (I hear) was tender. It was like a well run upscale restaurant. Well, kinda!

Our table was lovely, and happy. 
I loved our family Valentine's Dinner! I hope we can do this every year, and when more family members come along, they can add more of the secret
 ingredient to our family!

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Andrea said...

This is the Best Idea Ever!!!!!