Friday, June 19, 2009

Decided, the best part of General Assembly

So, I think I've come up with the one thing I'm looking forward to the very most at the upcoming GA.


Not one specific worship although if I had to pick just one it would be the Church of the Larger Fellowship service. Last year it was phenomenal.

But when you go to GA there are worship services every day, all the time. There are morning spiritual practices every day, and big services filled with reverence like the Service of the Living Tradition. The music is always phenomenal, preaching inspiring. And the people you sit near, a fast friendly congregation.

I don't go to service much, I work on Sundays--you know as a Religious Educator. Even when I sit through a service I don't just sit through a service of course. I'm up and down and paying attention in a different way. It's great, I love it. Fantastic work. But it's not the same.

But, when I go to GA, ahhh.........I get to sit in services--sometimes three a day! I pray with other folks, I sing songs I might not even know, and I don't feel like I need to lead the group. I am filled heart, soul, mind and being.

Of course, I take these things home and share them with the children, youth and families, and sometimes with the adults. So it is kind of like work, later, when I'm paying attention again. But in the moment, during the week when we are the Gathered Congregation of the General Assembly--well, then I'm just a dry veggie bed and GA is the sweet summer rain.

Of course.....I will miss my family, and my little doggy, and I will miss my garden! Mmmm...Time to go eat Rhubarb Crisp-- which of course has absolutely zero calories.

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Health/Life Balance said...

I never really thought about that - how you never really get to sit through service like the rest of us. But that's one of the reasons I didn't enjoy teaching RE years ago on another coast - I felt very disconnected from the congregation. Of course, I didn't have the "calling" of working with the kids like you do, and do well I might add!

Thanks for your sacrifice of missing some of our services. I'm glad that you get to enjoy so much worship at GA - you deserve it!