Friday, June 26, 2009

GA--LREDA LREDA Suite Talks, Skinner House books

Please comment with any questions. 11 am mountain time.

Patricia Frevert Publisher at Skinner House
Mary Benard Managing director at Skinner House

Booklets coming out for children about the principles with activities pages.

--professional support of Program Consultants
--membership in professional groups (LREDA)
--PC, DE and RE District Staff support congregations, not the religious professionals. (Program Consultants, District Executives)

Book ideas for a brand new DRE--
--Pat Ellenwood has a workshop called "Begin as you mean to continue", could that be a book?
--Transitioning from being a member to a professional?
--importance of Religious Education, almost a manual
--a manual that is more accesible than "Essex Conversations"
--two different books: one for new DREs and one for general importance of Religious Education
--something in a book that encourages Religious Educators to professionalize their work
--primer for families?

Primer for children is coming out. "Sunday and Every Day, My Little Book of Unitarian Universalism"

Question from Mary. Would we like some of the stories that are in the Tapestry of Faith published in an attractive book? Collection or individual?

Last year there was a workshop led by Gail Forsythe-Vail, with questions like "Do All Churches Use the Same Curriculum?" So who is responsible for professional support of new Relgious Educators?

Chatter in the room:

Should we have a tab on our LREDA Website that is just for new DREs? Information that would help? Where to look for information and resources?

70% of our congregations are under 150 members

"Education is the only miracle" from the Buddhist tradition

Tension note "preaching and teaching ministry" tension in the greater world, to suggest that Religious Education is the core of our movement, but to lift up Religious Educators feels like it's not as accepted by all Unitarian Universalists.

LREDA has a document on best practices already in place.

Do we need a "book list" for new DREs?

We have a tendency in overall UU publishing to publish to the insiders on lots of fronts.

Much thanks expressed to all from Skinner House for the great publications for families and children and the close connection between LREDA and Skinner House.


Good but requires way too much time to cull the materials and assemble into a lesson
Too much material, we wind up printing too much.
Volunteers are overwhelmed by the amount of material and chosing what to do.
Perhaps Tapestry should have a core lesson that is a basic hour lesson and the other things as options.

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Beryl Aschenberg said...

Thanks for your updated posts Kari... I hope to be at the next Suite talk on Sunday. I have an idea about the Tapestry of Faith curriculum culling: How about several of us each take a curriculum in the year ahead and turn it into something user friendly to hand out to our teachers. If several of us each do one curriculum, we can share it with the others in the group. That way we would have it formatted and usable, and we are able to give our teachers the directive that they can go on line for supplemental material or background, context, etc. I will do Amazing Grace... anyone open to taking on another one? (By the way, I really wish that it was the UUA doing this work rather than us! I think the curriculum is fabulous, but I agree with the comments about it being too extensive for the average teacher to run with... as does my CRE committee!)