Tuesday, June 23, 2009

GA and Too Tired Tuesday....zzzzzz

What a great finish to our LREDA Board meeting. Laura Spencer from the UUA came to talk with us about the Mosaic Project Report and the Youth Ministry Working Group report. It was a good meeting. We are all going to miss Laura Spencer as she moves on from work at the UUA.

I think if you haven't yet read the Mosaic Project or the Youth Ministry Working Group Report you would enjoy them. Go do it. And don't skip the apendix, the resources could fill your adult RE for the next year. One book Laura specifically recommended was "What if All the Kids are White". We could all read one book on trying to build a multi-cultural program this summer, right? Sure, why not. And as far as youth goes? How about one invitation to a youth to participate in a service....not a special service, just a service. Or two youth, that's even better. More likely they will.

It's a start. And sometimes that's everything.

Tomorrow is Professional Days for the Religious Educators and then we get rolling on the full on GA. Can't wait! But for now, I'm zonked. Zzzzzzz.....

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