Wednesday, June 24, 2009

GA--Bloggers All Around!

So far I've only seen Monkey Mind (James Ford) strolling past the LREDA booth, I did not run up to him and tell him how much his post yesterday touched me. Too much pride, darn it.

And I saw Jeff Liebman, from uujeff's muse kennel and pizzatorium. I first met Jeff at my very first GA when I'd been a Religious Educator for about three minutes. I was looking for great curriculum and spent hours at the UUCARDS booth. Jeff pulled up a chair for me, and chatted with me for a long time about programs and youth. Toward the end of the week he teased me that if I came back one more time, I'd be a curriculum geek. Yep, I came back and he called out from across the booth "Curriculum Geek!" he's been my friend ever since. (and his curricula are really effective with youth, too!) I had a nice conversation with Jeff, and I'm so jealous about his life right now. I want to live on Long Island and go to seminary too, me too, me too!

I hope to see more bloggers and blog readers here. I live at the LREDA booth, they tuck my cot away during the days. Well, I'm not there all the time, but stop by if you're here!


ms. kitty said...

Uh oh, Kari, that's a dangerous sentiment, to want to go to seminary! Bite your tongue, girl! Except, of course, you'd probably love it and be a great minister!

Kari said...

Biting, biting!