Friday, June 26, 2009

GA—A wonderful Day

Sometimes you gotta sit when the spirit says sit. Like today. I’ve been feeling really guilty that I’m not filling my hours learning a lot of new things for my congregation. I should be figuring out how to bring in more people and to keep more kids—or family ministry or better curriculum or something that will revolutionize our dingy rental space—like maybe how to conjure virtual windows and classrooms. So, this evening during sessions I set out to face one of my weakest weak spots. I headed for a workshop on dance.

Oh dance makes me cringe-y. I have seen spiral dance done really well, I’ve even seen spiritual movement taught that was really spiritual. But me? No, I’m the little, fat, red-haired girl with bad teeth and a patch on my eye. Dancing is just not for me. No thank you.

So there was this workshop on dancing. It’s actually based on a new dvd that’s out—both of them named “Inter generational Dances for Worship Made Easy”. OK, my stomach hurt. I didn’t want to go, but I steeled myself and headed for it.

Thank GOD I’m not a detail person. I got the location of the workshop completely wrong and by the time I figured out that it was in the MARRIOTT Grand Ballroom, it was way too late to get there. Phew. I lucked out on that one!

Instead I went and saw comedian Kate Clinton. I laughed so hard, well I won’t tell you what almost happened, but oh. Funny. Funny! And good, cathartic funny. Yes, we all did need a 100 days in recovery pin after Obama had been in office 100 days, I was in recovery, for sure. And the three former nuns who made up the “Vessels of Sin” back up singers as the closing? Oh yeah. Good. You can’t watch it, they didn’t tape it, but you can buy her new book from Beacon Press—“I Told You So”.

Now, I’m just sitting outside the youth caucus room—yes there is a lot of cold pizza on a table, waiting for my son. We’ll have to fight the storms, I hear that the tower holding our banner “Standing on the Side of Love” has glass panels breaking from a wicked thunderstorm. But we’re old Midwesterners. We can handle it. Especially after my laughter therapy. Good stuff, mister.

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boston unitarian said...

Many thanks for your comment over at BU. A wonderful member of our congregation left the message for me and I was afraid that "Lutefisk and Lefse" would get lost in the passing along...
You are on for next year's GA-I am on the committee planning activities for the celebration of the anniversary of Margaret Fuller so hope to be able to attend (esp. as it is being held in "God's country!")
Thanks also for your GA posts. As a DRE not able to attend, I have found them very helpful and entertaining.
Many blessings, BU