Saturday, June 27, 2009

GA--Morales' Day

The halls of the convention center were filled with people buzzing about the presidental election, about the moving Ware lecture, about our Unitarian Universalist movement as a whole. I turned and walked back to the quiet hotel room. No going for a drink or tea and cookies. No celebrations or comiserating. Nothing.

The emptiness is colossal.

I was not a Hallman supporter, I'm not bereft, although some are. I was not a Morales supporter, I'm not let down that the long fight is over.

I trusted the process, knew that our good people would make a choice that was deeply considered. I believe in them. They made a fine choice, Rev. Morales is a good man, he will lead us well.

The people of this beloved community have drawn a line, some on one side, some on the other. The rift is deep, I feel it. It scares me. I want us to wrap our arms about one another and say "we begin again in love, we begin again in love".

This is what happens when you love your faith with a fierce and abiding passion. It matters. For just this moment my trust has fled.

And I pray that I wake up and find it curled in a ball on the foot of my bed.


ogre said...

You missed (and I nearly did--and only tripped over by accident... half over) a post-Ware Lecture meeting. I don't know when it started, or how long it went on--but it was in a large space, with a lot of people attending. Hallman spoke for a while... and then Morales did, very briefly.

If there's a rift... neither one of them are fostering it. They spoke well of each other, and of the vast commonality we share in this faith.

I think you'll find it curled up, purring on your bed in the morning.

Kari said...

I'm sorry I missed that! Funny, the animosity between campaigns never stemmed from the candidates, who seemed to always respect each other--even offering to swap and give each other's platforms at Ministry Days here. Some of the comments I heard from the floor and in the exhibit hall were where it all comes from. But I'm sure we'll come together, in love, and get on with the work that needs to be done! Thanks for your comment.

ms. kitty said...

What I have most appreciated about UUA presidential elections is the camaraderie between candidates, their support of one another, and their refusal to pout or gloat over the results. May we all take that high road in the aftermath of a fairly won, friendly election of Peter Morales. I was a Hallman supporter yesterday. I'm a Morales supporter today.