Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Finally, we're finally all going to be in the same state again. Yesterday Michael came home from Salt Lake City, home from his role in the UU Youth Caucus, home from GA-land, home. Today my husband comes home from wherever he was on the East Coast.....by some Great Lake......Erie? No it's not like the smarmy governor from South Carolina, I could know where he was if I were paying attention and he has been answering his cell phone, he's just gone so much I can't always keep it straight.

I know that this is the way my family life is headed, we'll scatter again. Soon, actually. My husband leaves again next week for...well, for someplace. My kids all go to Korean Identity Development Society camp next week--it's the first year they're all going to the teen sleepover camp. Then we have fencing and drama day camps for the youngest, and a two week wilderness adventure camp for our middle son, all the way on the Canadian Border in Northern Minnesota.

And we'll scatter again soon to gather in shorter and shorter bursts. This is likely to be Michael's last year at home. The family will march off one by one, gone to school and lives of their own. It's what I want, of course it's what I want. But oh it's going to be hard. You have to rip chunks of your heart out and send them off into the world wrapped in the body of your child. Oh my gosh.

So, here we are, we're coming together tonight from work and sports and games and travel. We'll grill some steaks and play cards on the patio and watch our little dog roll in the grass. A family. Our family. And it's so good. And I know full well it will not always be this way.

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