Thursday, June 25, 2009

GA--Thursday, well....Day!

I have been wildly excited for the worship service of the Church of the Larger Fellowship. In Portland and in Fort Lauderdale it was one of my very favorite sessions. So this morning, despite staying up way too late watching CNN and blogging I got up and went to the service.

It was very good, I love Jane Rzepka, the CLF minister. She's wonderful. And the seven musicians participating were the newly credentialed UU Musicians and will be honored in the Service of the Living Tradition tomorrow.

The whole service was great. OK, two complaints. I like to sing UU hymns and while yes, we did sing some Holly Near music and heard some Holly Near music and we claim that music, and we did UU Sarah Dan Jones amazing "Meditation on Breathing", I'm wanting some more stuff written by us. Picky! I am. The other thing was that in that moment, I didn't want to listen to Bill Schultz talk about unions and worker's rights. I wanted more soaring theology, and maybe it was going there. But at that moment I discovered I had left my memory card back in the hotel.

Oh NO! How could I miss photos of the Sophia Fahs Lecture during the very next session!

I high tailed it out of there. If you watch the video you'll see me, the orange sherbet colored streak-outta there!

But while I am picky, and find fault where there is none, it was a really wonderful service, and I will never miss the CLF service at GA. Ever.

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