Tuesday, June 23, 2009

GA, Too too Tuesday!

We had a lovely lunch today. The morning agenda items all went long, of course! But there were important things to talk about that we needed to cover.

So, by lunch time it was well, way after lunch time. We walked over to a lovely little real Italian Bistro that advertises itself as "organic!". And the food is fabulous! But unfortunately we didn't have time to eat in this lovely courtyard.
Instead we hauled our to-go boxes back to our little hotel room on the top floor of the Hilton to inhale our food and be ready for the next work. The afternoon is dedicated to talks with our LREDA Integrity Team and with Laura Spencer (from the UUA) to discuss the Mosaic Project Report. Yes, these conversations could each take a week. But they at least have a few hours.

Then I'm going over to the convention center to set up the LREDA booth. If you'll be at GA, stop by! We have free stuff! And candy! We also have a new lovely banner that has our new lovely logo on it. If you'll miss GA, well, I'll post pictures.

The city is just beautiful. The people are kind and friendly, and the company I'm keeping here? Well...it's world class!

Wish you were all here!

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