Friday, June 26, 2009

GA Live chat about Religious Education Credentialing! Join in....

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Jan Devor, LREDA Suite Talk about Religious Education Credentialling:

this new process is about the process, honors our identity as Relgious Educators.

RECC is the Religious Education Credentialling Committee appointed by the UUA. Goal is to have people who being in this profession have it be a profession. Professional Standards, guidelines and education. Sets the standards for education. The program is five years old and has just been revised.

There are three levels of credentialling.


Revision has cut the work load, the standards are as high as they were but the work load was opressive. More accesible and more logistical for real life religious educators.

Masters Level: Used to be you had to have a Master's Degree, but the revision allows a way to become a "master" without an outside degree.

Credentialed and Master's level require you to come before the RECC to present, you can choose a portfolio component, but there are selections.

RECC sees candidates in Boston in April to evalute if they have achieved the level they seek.

UUA Pay scale guidelines follow the credentialling levels.

The levels can feed each other--you can become credentialed at the Associate level and then build on that to achieve the Credentialed level.

If you are thinking of credentialling save a record of the things you do: workshops, trainings, services you do.

(RECC Continum of Compentencies is a guide to recording the things you've done that have related to creating your compenencies...guidelines on keeping the record)

Beth Williams is the UUA director of the program. Jan Devor is the volunteer chair of the committee.


Do we need support of our senior staff?

You can do it without, but it's such a value to the congregation seeking support and financial support is a good idea. Some people have added the credentialling process to their RE Covenant.

Do the Renniasance Modules fit into this? You need 75 hours of time, it does not all have to be Ren Mods.

How long do we anticipate it taking people to complete each level?

Too hard to say how long it could take years perhaps but it can be done faster, especially if you've gathered materials over the year.

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