Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The Liberal Religious Educators Association or LREDA Professional Day was today, and oh it was a good one. We gather in our huddle of people who do similar things and have experiences that are alike and to be with people who can just nod and pat your hand and say "oh, I know, I know" and you know, well you know that they really do understand.

I love time with colleagues. And it went well. We had a pretty smooth registration, with only a few snafus that didn't even really snaf at all.

We had presidental candidate Peter Morales with us for breakfast. This is a photo of Peter with one of his supporters long time Religious Educator and author, Pat Ellenwood, also pictured is Cory Ness and I have no idea who she's endorsed, but I do know she got stuck in Atlanta for a night on the way here, but arrived safe and sound in plenty of time for breakfast.

Our morning session included a worship that honored our Religious Educators with 20 years of service, this year two PNWD folks, Erin Fitzgerald and my partner in GA antics, Cindy Leitner. We also remember the Religious Educators who died this past year. There were readings and a sweet homily and singing, and Religious Educators can really sing, ahhh. Lovely. It was a good service.

Emmie Schlobom the Religious Educator from Boisie was so kind to continue to reply to my frantic emails over the last two days with a friendly "yes" I would say "chalice! we need a larger chalice" "chime! we need a chime!" "nametags, we need name tags!" She came with all that and even sharpies (wide and thin) and altar cloths, just in case. A gem. Thank God! We had all we needed, and a lot of markers, too!

Our big breaking news at this meeting was a revamping of the Religious Education Credentialing process. I will link to it when it's up on our new website, but for now, know it's more accesible and logical. Good work by the Religious Education Credentialling Committee.

The key note speaker? Oh gosh, I wish we could have videotaped it and put it up on Youtube right now. It was Rev. Dr. Nancy Jay Crumbine, and really, what it felt like was following a bouncing brain with heart. She was very free flowing and moved into song that invited us to join. The kernel of the message was this "do you realize how important you are?" and isn't that just what we all need to remember? Do you?

I hope so.

The afternoon session I went to was also led by Nancy and included free write time and singing. I I think I just might have to follow her around like a puppy from event to event. It was wonderful and I learned a new SONG! Love that. That's worth tonight's hotel price alone. The core of my free write was this: we have only this moment, and now this one, and now, this one. Yes, clearly I'm on the puppy trail here, quick, who can pay my way to Lifespan RE Week at Star Island? That's where she'll be next.

I can't wait until the next LREDA Professional Day, and I hope all 600 members of LREDA come, I'll find a room in Minneapolis big enough, I promise. And maybe we'll have lefse, but I promise no lutefisk. Promise. Cross my heart.

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