Saturday, June 27, 2009

GA--Local Scene

I went to the worship serive this morning. Ethical Eating. I did enjoy it but it was probably more than I needed at 8am! Gah!

Then a friend and I walked over to the Temple Square. It was beautiful.

And it was inspiring right here in the middle of the city.
The temple is huge, statues everywhere, fountains, gardens. Lovely space. Until I remembered the book "Under the Banner of Heaven" and some of the history behind this very land.

We sat down on a bench and had a great coversation about church and governance and boards and ministry and corporate america and ethical eating.

I confess, I swore out loud, three times. I'm sure I will never get to their heaven now. But it's OK, we stole ourselves a little piece of heaven on earth for just a short hour this morning, and for me? That's good enough!

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