Tuesday, June 30, 2009

GA--Youth Caucus.....MUST READ!

At GA the youth get to have a rockin' fun time with the big leaders. Like say.....Rev. Dr. Bill Sinkford.

He talks with them, it's heart to heart. Good stuff. They come up with good ideas, good plans of how to revolutionize the world with multii-generational ministry. Or our faith anyway.

It's a good list of things that we can all really do to create dynamic youth ministry for and with our youth.

You can sqint and read Jeff Lamicela's photo here....or check out the formal list below.


This year at FUNTIMES at GA, Rev. Bill Sinkford spoke to the youth caucus about multigenerational community, and facilitated a brainstorming exercise of how such a community should look. This is the list we came up with:

A Multigenerational Congregation

- Energy in Services

- Youth Votes / Youth Members (age 14)

- Youth Group Participation in services

- Youth Accountability, Putting in the Time

- Youth Observers + Representatives

- Multigenerational Activities

- Seen first as a member, second as a youth

- Youth aren’t just bodies

- Multigenerational Services

- Talk to each other!

- Youth Planned Worships (more than once a year)

- Adults invited to youth groups/events

- Have faith in youth – they can be leaders too!

- Sensitivity towards/Inclusion of Youth

- Special Interest Multigenerational Groups

Michael Kusz

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