Wednesday, June 24, 2009

GA---Opening Worship, Happy Day!

Now, I should go to sleep, but I just have to process this out, bear with me and remember I TOLD you to unsubscribe. So no complaining.

The evening begins like this. You've been busy all day, traveling or sight seeing or like me, working for 12 straigt hours already. Everyone is tired, it's a huge room, just the size and number of people make it overwhelming.

Then of course, you are there with people you love, well you probably are. Like my church gang here, the minister, her husband our president and our favorite seminarian.

And then these banners representing all the congregations and affinity groups and ministries come swirling through. We had banners from the Phillipines and all over. I cried when the Iowa banner about equal marriage rights came through. Our banner is not here, don't talk about it, some of us are kind of verklempt about it, but not me, it'll be here next year.

The room is huge, and the music is beautiful. The images are awe inspiring. The work people have done to make this happen is huge. It's amazing. I cried when Gini Courter introduced President Sinkford.

I cried when Ysae Barnwell sang. I cried when Rev. Sinkford gave his final report. I cried at the stories of Africa and the passion he has for our fractured and flawed faith.

The homily by the young woman who looks 16 but must be older and is going to Harvard Divinity school, oh....she said what I try to have us teach in our RE program. Faith matters, you can't believe anything, we are holding ancient philosphy of love in our faith and yes, it does matter.

I pretty much cried the whole night. If you missed it, go watch the video on the UUA website. You'll find it, I'm too tired to help. And if you're here, and I didn't mention it to you in the elevator on the way up to my room....wasn't it just great? Oh yeah.


Scott Gerard Prinster said...

Sounds like it was a great end to a draining and demanding day for you, Kari. Isn't it great to bu surrounded by so many people feeling that same powerful moment?

Kari said...

YES! It's amazing! More today.....