Sunday, June 21, 2009

Due to schedule conflicts, we will have to reschedule the annual Father's Day celebration, please pardon our mess......

I leave for Salt Lake City today, our LREDA Board meeting begins at 9am tomorrow, and while I could have been just a little late had I left Seattle at dawn tomorrow, I'm leaving tonight. I hate starting marathon meetings exhausted.

But today is Father's Day. And my dear husband is a great father.

I felt just awful, but he is a good sport and offered to reschedule Father's Day, renaming Saturday as the official Father's Day for our family. It was a great day with made to order omlettes and strawberry pancakes for breakfast, a nice afternoon at the zoo to see the new penguins, and a late dinner (after one evil and unexpected soccer practice) at a local new restaurant. We've lifted the restriction on tools of our trades for gifts, which means I got a stand mixer for my birthday and he got spooling air hoses and power cables to hang from the ceiling in the garage for Father's Day. Being in our 40s sometimes really rocks. Of course we want these things and can't bring ourselves to actually buy them, so getting them as gifts is perfect. We were stupid to wait so many years. And yes, I do still adore the steam cleaner I got last year. He's a great dad and it was a great day.

So, off I go to church, having written the Story For All Ages last night at 11pm. Then a quick final pack, and off to Salt Lake City for GA. I think I have all the reports that I need to read for the Board Meeting, and I'm almost done re-reading the Mosaic Project report. There will be no Vanity Fair purchased at the airport to read in the air, it's work-work-work, and then you know, a little more work. The agenda for the board meeting is packed, and shadowing Cindy Leitner, the current board member holding the GA portfolio will take all my focused energy to be sure I understand what to do next year. But I'm excited. I'm giddy. I can hardly wait!


Andrea James said...

I hope you reward yourself with a Vanity Fair (an O, and a Real Simple) for the flight back! ;-)

Kari said...

oooooo....Real Simple! I might just do it. :-)