Thursday, June 25, 2009

GA--Synergy Day!

Tonight's Synergy Worship Service was wonderful. It included a lovely ritual bridging where the youth who were done with high school crossed the stage and were welcomed into adulthood by the young adults (18-35) with lovely inspiriational service pieces by a number of people but the absolute best piece was by this young man. Everyone was well spoken and brought many good points to us, but this young man, there was something about him....
He was the "Youth Voice" in a service with four voices "Youth, Young Adult, Adult and Elder. But of course, this young man was by far the best. I hear he's from a smallish congregation in Seattle. He spoke about how Multi-Generational ministry isn't bi-generational, it's not youth and adult. It's the 40s and the 60s and the 80s and the post millenials who are really young--everyone. We have to take it all into consideration. What impressed me is that he is clearly deeply connected to his home congregation because he knows the issues they face. Rock on young man.

What a lucky group!
Oh yeah, and I could mention, he's my son, Michael Kusz! Way to go, Michael.

I am one lucky mother. Thanks to all the Synergy Service folks for a great worship!


ms. kitty said...

Brag on, Kari! Michael is truly an up and coming young thinker, mover and shaker. Nice job raising him to be who he is!

Kari said...

This is what happens when our kids grow up strongly rooted in a powerful full-on version of our faith, they grow mature spiritual selves--I thank his many Religious Educators and teachers from over the years, and the adults who have always taken him and his theology seriously. Our faith is a vital part of raising good kids.

and thanks Kit, I sure like him!