Friday, June 26, 2009

GA--Busy Day

What a busy day. I guess that's true for every single day this week, though. I'm tired and I have a headache and I need way more coffee than the little itty bitty samples they give you at the UUSC booth. But I'm not weary.

I spent the morning with my people in the LREDA Suite Talks. I wish more folks would have stopped by, but we may re think it for next year. Ideas? Booth talks? I don't know, but I'd love to have little groups of folks gather. GA gets so big, it would be nice to size it down to a person size once in a while. Especially for first timers, oh it's so overwhelming that first year.

This afternoon I was back at The Olive Bistro just off a busy street down from the Convention center. I met with my colleague from LREDA, Cindy Leitner who presently holds the GA work. She gave me all the information and all the secrets, no not the secrets of the temple! It was a lovely meeting with much sharing and lots of pieces of information I will be sure to need.

The lovely young waiter at the restaurant, Seth, took great care of us and even re charged my laptop for me. Nice young man. I'm so old! Reminds me of my son. Old.

After the meeting with Cindy I just held onto my seat and waited about 90 seconds for my next meeting. Outside, great service, fresh air, lovely jazz....why not meet there! Keith Arnold, the music director from Jefferson Memorial--yes Peter Morales' church, and also the president of the UU Musician's Network and I are doing some work together to prepare for a panel we'll present together at the UUMN Conference this July. Oh, what a wonderful man. I feel like he's been my friend for ages. We're close in age and philosophy of ministry. It was an exhilirating meeting. I'm excited to join the musicians in Portland. I sure hope they don't make me sing or **gasp** play the guitar!

This is why I'm flying. I'm fed by all these amazing people. And their energy, and commitment and passion.

Best part of the day. My dinner date tonight. I might even go back to my hotel and change my clothes, it's a big one. Who am I so excited to see? Guess.

Yep, my son! I'm a lucky mom.

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